PICAD & MeCoND 14-17 February 2019


  General Information


Conference Venue


The PICAD and MeCoND conference venue is:  


Grand Hotel Palace, 305-307, Monastiriou str., 54628 Thessaloniki, Greece


Tel. +30 2310 549000


Fax. +30 2310 549149


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Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece. It is located in Macedonia, in the north of the country. Τhere are innumerable archaeological treasures that you can visit, as well as other attractions:


o  The White Tower, the ancient castles, the tower of Trigonios and the Eptapyrgion


o  The Holly Church of St. Demetrius and his crypt


o  Numerous Byzantine Christian Churches


o  The Vlatades Monastery


o  The Conquest of monasteries


o  The Archaeological and Byzantine Museum of the city


o  The Science Center and Technology Museum «Noesis»


o  The Concert Hall


o  The waterfront, the Ladadika area, the Modiano market




It is a city full of activity, mainly due to its two major universities, the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the University of Macedonia, which host tens of thousands of students.


Thessaloniki was the European Youth Capital in 2014 and the European Capital of Culture in 1997. Fifteen of the city's monuments are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In 2013, Thessaloniki was listed as one of the 20 parts of the world to visit, according to National Geographic, and ranked 5th in Top 10 Best Cities for Fun in the Lonely Planet world.


Within a short distance of the city there are tourist destinations of international reputation for a variety of interests:




o    Mount Athos in Halkidiki


o    The archaeological sites of Philippi, Vergina, Dion, Pella and Aigais


o    Olympus mountain


o    The Baths of Lagada and Pozar (Loutraki)


o    The ski resorts 3-5 Pigadia (wells), Seli, Elatochori and Lailias


o    The National Park of Axios’ Delta and Kerkini Lake


o    The waterfalls of Edessa


o    The caves of Alistrati and Petralona and


o    Mount Holomontas in Halkidiki, an area of exceptional natural beauty, and the unparalleled beaches that attract thousands of tourists for at least six months / year


It's a unique opportunity to combine your scientific training with your entertainment.








   Travel Information


International Airport “Makedonia”


The airport of Thessaloniki is the International Airport "Makedonia", located 14 km. from the city center. You will find a selection of legacy and low-cost carriers that fly to a wide range of European cities. Aegean Airlines, Ryanair, Air Berlin and Turkish Airlines are some of the airlines with the highest frequency in Thessaloniki Airport.


For more information about the city's airline connectivity, please visit the Thessaloniki Convention Bureau's website:


EASY ACCESS: http://www.thessalonikiconventionbureau.gr/content/easy-access


You can get to the city of Thessaloniki by using the bus No 78 or a taxi. For more information visit Thessaloniki Airport and OASTH (public transportation)


Taxi Service


Taxi service in Thessaloniki is plentiful and economic. Taxi companies operate 24-hour call centers, ready to receive your order or make an advance booking for you. As a rough guide a taxi within the city will cost approximately € 5,00-9,00, a taxi to the airport will cost between € 20,00- €30,00. You can approximately calculate how much your taxi trip will cost, here.


Passport & Visa Policy


Greece is a Member-State of the European Union and has ratified the Schengen Agreement. Citizens of countries that are not Member-States of the Schengen Agreement require a visa to enter Greece and the E.U. Information about passport and visa policy: http://www.thessalonikiconventionbureau.gr/content/easy-access


For details please visit the Hellenic Republic, Ministry of Foreign Affairs & the Greek Diplomatic and Consular Missions abroad.




Greece uses the European Union currency: Euro. A currency converter is available here.


Greece telephone code


To call Greece, you will need to dial: International Access Code +30 plus regional code + number.




Greece is the ideal place to shop for a wide variety of products, catering to anyone's tastes and needs. Prices are very reasonable in relation to product quality and visitors will be able to find something for every kind of budget. Big shops are open from Monday to Friday from 09.00 till 21.00. On Saturdays shops stay open from 09.00 till 15.00, while they are closed on Sundays. Kiosks may stay open till 22.00 or even later.


Useful telephone numbers


-Ambulance Service: 166


-Duty Hospitals and Clinics: 1434


-Police: 100




To get a first impression of the city


  Thessaloniki’s public transportation operates the sightseeing bus    

  No 50  cultural route. The bus makes 16 official stops from where 
  you can explore 43 points of interest.











Cultural Route No 50




  Is a cylindrical stone tower ,monument and museum, constructed

  by the Ottomans in the 15th Century. It is the emblem of Thessaloniki




White tower




  The sculpture which is located at the seafront of
  Thessaloniki was constructed in 1997




“Umbrellas” sculpture









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